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Recording Bag

Item No:Vo9022042

The this section of false packaging outlook uses the gentleman briefcase, is present domestic advanced makes secret inquiries the equipment. When use so long as reporter the package of photograph hole direction alignment by the interviewer, may the long-distance range take down clearly the scene the picture and the sound.(1): Built-in colored SONY the CCD camera, the clarity is higher than the domestic other funds. (2): The built-in high-capacity ion battery, after a charge finished, but the continuous working 3 hours, solved outside have set at battery's capacity small and not the convenient place. (3): This product built-in long-distance range wireless launch function, the outside person may monitor the record the content. (4): This product may transmit 50-500 meters wireless, has solved the short distance photography difficult problem. (5); Contains a colored CCD pinhole camera, facilitates carries on the photography according to the scene actual situation. Secretive is good, the non-dawn inside story public figure discovered with difficulty. (6): This equipment brings high keen Mike, during photography may sound synchronization gathering.The synopsis showed: 1. camouflage body: The outlook and the common handbag are the same, facilitate the camouflage to photograph the 2. camera: Colored 1/4CCD 450 3. wireless transmission frequency: 1.2G 4. emissive power: LM-700MW 5. size: 220x140x50mm (handbag) 6. weight: Approximately 350g (including lens) 7. power source: DC12x1 8. receiver: Original installation receiver

Recording Bag


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