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Tablet PC Pen

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Handwriting capture device using handwriting recognition technology to capture and upload your handwriting notes, drawings, sketches on regular paper to computer in real time. An nice handwriting input device to your business, study and daily life.Details1, Pen seat 2, Pen seat working indicated light (The color is green when charge full. ) 3, Battery charger 4, Pen nib (left key) 5, Rolling key + Middle key 6, Right Key 7, LED speed control button 8, Pen working indicated light 9, Charging copper chip 10, Power SwitchLED speed control button(To change the writing/move speed and word size. ) There are three level: 200dpi (red color), 400dpi(blue color), 800dpi(purple color)Power Switch(Turn "On" to use the wireless mouse pen. If there is no power, please insert the pen into the pen seat to charge until the light on the pen seat turn green, then turn the power switch to "ON" position. )

Tablet PC Pen


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