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Rewritable Card

Item No:Ca9008798

The Rewritable Window offers a real-time, refresh-on-demand window of printing relevant information to show bonus data, e-cash balance, and promotional message, on-the-fly. Rewrites up to 500 times or more, the window can accommodate 16 rows of text, with 19 characters max on each row (or 11 Chinese character [2-bytes-text]). Visible data help protects consumers. Interests. VIP inclines to make purchase where their spending will be properly rewarded. The Rewritable media facilitates this bonding and builds loyalty, achieving Win-Win for all parties.Products and Features: Thin PET Rewritable card: Full and Invisible magntic layer. Blue or Black images for your choice. Thickness: 0.214mm(Blue image), 0.28mm(Black image) CR-80 Size (85.47~85.72mm x 53.20~54.03mm) Rewritable card with magnetic stripe: Magnetic stripe: German KURZ. LoCo 300 OE, HiCo 2500~ 4000 OE Blue or Black image, PVC or PET material, for your choice. Thickness: 0.76mm CR-80 Size (85.47~85.72mm x 53.20~54.03mm)Hybrid Rewritable card: It is a PET or PVC rewritable card with contactless chip embedded inside. You can contact us to get the contactless chip we can offer or you can provide the chip yourself and we embed it into a rewritable card. Our standard offset printing and silkscreen printing facilities offer customers 1 color to 4 color printing with vivid and artistic quality images. For the artwork, simply provide us your art design file or sample card.

Rewritable Card


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